About The Project

Michael Hall is New Zealand-born, Sydney-based award winning professional photographer who has been in the field for over 20 years. However, it was a near fatal cycling accident with a semi-trailer in 2007 and a life-changing period of recovery, reflection, and inspiration that strengthened his resolve to tackle one of the biggest challenges the world faces: climate change.

Having equipped himself with the latest research and ideas on the topic, Michael set out to graphically record the impact and opportunities of climate change in the hope of opening people’s eyes, changing their minds and inspiring action.

The work to date has been widely exhibited and won critical acclaim for the way it artfully captures the arresting landscapes and faces of climate change. It has been acknowledged and endorsed by leading thinkers in sustainability including UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Professor Dexter Dunphy AM, Professor Tim Flannery and New York Walter Randel Gallery Curator Yoo-Jong Kim.

When fully realised, Michael’s project will include 300 photographs, captured in 40 international destinations, providing a definitive reference of the impacts and opportunities of climate change in the world today. Travelling exhibitions, media interviews, public lecture events, a television documentary, dedicated web site and a book are all being explored by Michael as possible communication channels to help educate and inspire communities.

To view Michael’s work to date visit his website: http://www.michaelhall.net/

About The Program

The Climate Institute awarded its first fellowship to distinguished photographer Michael Hall to continue his climate change photography project.

The Climate Institute’s Fellowship Program aims to foster collaborative research and develop pioneering communications approaches. Through the program, fellows will lead thinking on some of the big climate change challenges facing Australians and the world.

The Program reflects The Climate Institute’s commitment to supporting excellence in applied climate change research by attracting world-class researchers and creative communicators from relevant fields. The Program is an extension of the Institute’s role as an evidence-based advocate, an educator, and a hub: facilitating relationships, and identifying and accelerating innovative research, policy and communications.

The Program offers creative and policy fellowship positions, targeted at researchers, policy experts, artists, educators, and communicators who want to be at the forefront of Australia’s response to climate change. The program provides Fellows with the freedom to explore, think, create, partner, and produce works of outstanding merit.

Please note that the opinions expressed in this blog are those of Creative Fellow Michael Hall and not necessarily those of The Climate Institute.

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